Katee. I have an ever growing obsession with hockey, especially the Pittsburgh Penguins.


seeing people tag James Neal under the Predators tag


Sidney Crosby… Should I- Should I ask for autograph? Or something like that? I don’t know.

— Olli Maatta on his first time walking into the locker room and seeing Crosby (x)




do you think jags goes on “back in my day” rants in dressing room

does anyone else remember game 4 when that fight broke out and Jagr just put his arm around Kruger and started having a talk with him? i swear he was imparting his many years of wisdom to Kruger.

Here’s the end of it:
Jagr: “Good talk, kid. Good talk”


Kruger seriously looks like he’s been told all the secrets to successful life


take a moment of silence for rick rypien today.